Khel Drama Story, Cast with Real Names and Pictures

The wait is finally over for the viewers of Hum TV as they can now enjoy the highly anticipated drama serial “Khel.” This captivating drama has generated a lot of excitement among the audience. For those eager to learn more about “Khel,” we have compiled comprehensive details regarding the cast, storyline, airing schedule, and real names of the actors, along with accompanying pictures.

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Khel Drama

Alizeh Shah fans can rejoice since the famous actress is ready to return to television screens. Alizeh Shah has been cast as the lead in a forthcoming drama, alongside a talented ensemble cast from the Pakistani drama industry. Shahroz Sabzwari, Yashma Gul, Feroze Qadir, and Ahmed Randhawa, all young and promising performers, will be joining her on this fascinating project. With their performances, this eclectic group of actors is guaranteed to enchant spectators. The drama has received a lot of attention, and fans are excited to see the on-screen chemistry and engaging storytelling that this amazing cast will deliver. Refer to the conclusion of the article for a look at the cast, including their real names and images.

ChannelHum TV
Release Date7 July 2023
WriterJahanzeb Qamar
DirectorNadeem Siddique
ProducerMomina Duraid
ProductionMomina Duraid Production

Cast List:

  • Alizeh Shah
  • Shehroz Sabzwari
  • Yashma Gill
  • Feroz Qadri
  • Ahmed Randhawa
  • Jahanzeb Qamar
  • Nadia Afghan
  • Nadeem Siddiqui
  • Shamil Khan

Khel Drama Timing

The first episode of the television show “Khel” aired on a Friday at 8 p.m. on July 7, 2023, marking the show’s debut. On Hum TV, further episodes will be broadcast every day at 9:00 PM, starting on Monday. The repeat rebroadcast, which will be broadcast on Hum TV every Tuesday through Saturday at 4 pm, will also allow fans who missed any programmes to catch up. For further convenience, the drama is now available for streaming on the official YouTube channel and the Hum TV mobile app. This enables viewers to watch the programme at their convenience and guarantees that they won’t miss any of the action.

Khel Drama Story

The lives of two families, led by Alizeh Shah and Shamil Khan, are connected in the drama series “Khel.” The brother of Alizeh Shah has become very fond of Shamil Khan’s daughter and desires to wed her. Surprisingly, the match was approved by both families. There is a secret twist, though, because Shamil Khan and Alizeh Shah’s mother had a history together and Alizeh Shah’s mother harbors intense animosity towards Shamil Khan.

One of the characters, Nadia Afghan, makes the altruistic decision to accept Shamil Khan’s daughter as her daughter-in-law in order to ensure her son’s happiness. Alizeh Shah herself, meanwhile, is in love with Shahroz Sabzwari and wants to wed him. Shahroz Sabzwari, however, avoids her constantly because of his propensity to make friends with plenty of girls and his desire.

Intense tension is increased by the fact that Alizeh Shah’s sister-in-law’s brother, who knows nothing about her, sees her and falls in love at first sight. A new layer of mystery and intrigue is added to the storyline by this unusual love story.

Overall, “Khel” tells an engrossing story about linked relationships, secret histories, and unfulfilled love. The protagonists successfully navigate through a variety of emotional obstacles, secrets, and unexpected turns as the exciting plot holds the audience’s attention.

Khel Drama Cast Real Name

Like with every post we write, we’ve shared the real names and photos of the drama’s cast with you because many of our website readers aren’t familiar with the actors in Pakistani dramas. As a result, we have given them extensive information, which will help you get to know the drama’s actors.

Alizeh Shah as Alishba

In this particular drama, Alizeh Shah plays the role of Alishba, who plays the part of Nadia Afghan’s daughter. Alishba has romantic aspirations to wed Shehroz Sabzwari due to her intense love for him. She wants Shehroz Sabzwari to meet her mother’s family in order to formally establish their link. Shehroz Sabzwari, however, consistently avoids her approaches since he is deeply involved with the character played by Alizeh Shah.

It is worth noting that Alizeh Shah had previously acted in the drama series Taqdeer in 2022. Now, after a year, she has secured the lead role in a new drama. Alizeh Shah embarked on her acting journey in 2016, but her breakthrough came with her portrayal in the highly acclaimed drama series Ehd e Wafa, which aired in 2019. Apart from this, Alizeh Shah has gained recognition for her performances in other notable dramas such as Mera Dil Mera Dushman, Bebasi, Tanaa Banaa, and Chaand Raat Aur Chandni, where she showcased her talent as the main protagonist.

Shehroz Sabzwari As Ali

Shahroz Sabzwari, a prominent Pakistani actor, is playing the role of Ali, a negative character, in the drama series. Ali befriends multiple girls but avoids committing to any relationships, which leads to Alizeh Shah’s character falling in love with him. Alizeh Shah, known for her cuteness and beauty, is considered one of the most stunning actresses in the cast of the drama “Khel.”

Born on August 25, 1985, in Abu Dhabi, Shahroz Sabzwari comes from a family of actors, with his father being the renowned Behrooz Sabzwari. He started his acting career in 2004 with the drama serial “Ana” on Geo TV. Shahroz Sabzwari has achieved success and recognition through his exceptional performances in various popular plays, including “Hook,” “Teri Rah Mein,” “Dil Ruba,” “Nand,” and “Yeh Ishq Samajh Na Aaye.”

With his talent and dedication, Shahroz Sabzwari has become one of Pakistan’s most successful and beloved young actors. His versatility and ability to portray diverse characters have garnered him a wide fan base and established his reputation in the entertainment industry.

Yashma Gill

Yashma Gill, a talented actress and model, portrays the protagonist in the drama series “Khel.” Her character deeply loves Feroz Qadir and desires to marry him. However, Feroz Qadir’s heart belongs to Alizeh Shah, which greatly upsets Yashma Gill’s character. Despite her distress, she delivers an excellent performance in the role.

Yashma Gill has previously showcased her acting skills as the lead in various dramas, and she continues to captivate audiences in the highly successful drama series “Tere Ishq Ke Naam” on ARY Digital. Born in 1992 in Khanewal, a small town in the Punjab province of Pakistan, her birthday falls on the 19th of October. Notable plays in which she has made a mark include “Bebaak,” “Phaans,” “Pyar Ke Sadqay,” “Alif,” and “Azmaish.” Yashma Gill’s talent and dedication have made her a respected figure in the industry, allowing her to excel in both acting and modeling.

Feroz Qadri As Faris

Feroze Qadri, a talented actor, is a significant part of the main cast in the drama. He portrays the role of Shamil Khan’s son in the storyline. Feroze Qadir’s character experiences love at first sight when he encounters Alizeh Shah in a particular location. However, he remains unaware of Alizeh’s identity and fails to meet her again. Despite his efforts to locate her, he is unable to find her until he discovers that she is his sister’s husband’s sister.

Feroze Qadri initiated his acting career with the drama serial “Chand Ki Pariyan” in 2019. His outstanding performances have earned him popularity, particularly in other well-received dramas such as “Wafa Kar Chalay” and “Bhool Ja Aye Dil.” Feroze Qadri’s talent shines through in his portrayal of diverse characters, captivating audiences with his acting skills.

Ahmed Randhawa As Zaman

The actor Ahmed Randhawa also appears in this drama as Alizeh Shah’s brother and the son of Nadia Afghan. His marriage is arranged with the same girl after he falls in love with the daughter of Shamil Khan who is a character in the play. After beginning his showbiz career as a model, Ahmed Randhawa transitioned into acting in dramas. In addition to this drama, he also starred as the main character in the drama series Bichoo & Agar. He is also a key player in the cast of the Khel drama.

Shamyl Khan As Zubair

Zubair, who has a daughter and a son, is portrayed by Shamyl Khan in this drama. When a family visits to view his daughter’s relationship, he encounters the woman from the family that turned down his marriage proposal many years ago. Shamil Khan, a veteran and top performer, was born in Islamabad in 1978, and his birthday is celebrated on the third Saturday in March each year. Log Kia Kahengay, Tajdeed e Wafa, and Sang-e-Mah & Seep are some of his well-known dramas.