Celebrities’ Reactions On Hum Style Awards 2021 Fashion Sense

Hum Style Award was celebrated with full glamour. A lot from the industry were seen in something unique that became the talk of the town. The Hollywood style made a way to Lollywood, everyone made it their cool. Maybe this was not what people expected or we guess it so.

Some of the celebrities got a lot of love just like Nadia Hussain. She dressed so sophisticatedly and decently that it made waves on the internet. Apart from that, criticism came in the way of those celebrities who revealed their body. Even co-celebrities left no stone unturned to make a big of these Diva actors. Among the criticizers, Bilal Qureshi, Noor Bukhari, Nazish Jahangir, Faizan Sheikh, and many other topped the list. Their views are also circulating on the internet.

Nazish Jahangir made it all clear that she didn’t like even a single attire from the awards with her comment, “RIP Fashion Sense in Pakistan”. Even Diva Iffat Omar wrote that she saw the death of fashion at the Hum Style Awards. This made her very sad and disappointed. Simi Raheel, a senior actress in the industry also schooled Aima Baig and Alizeh Shah on their dressing.

However, Mathira stands firm on her support to all the actresses as she said that let people wear what they want to. They are comfortable that way and others should stay in their own skins.