Feroze Khan States About His Will On Acting!

Feroze Khan is a very skilful artist who is currently coming in the drama Khuda Aur Mohabbat 3. Feroze made statements about leaving showbiz last year but we see him acting in the dramas after that. He stated that he is acting on the decision made by his Sheikh who ordered him to take his place in acting. Due to this statement, he was criticized a lot by his fans.

Recently, he appeared in the show “Time out with Ahsan Khan” where he cleared the air on his statement. Ahsan Khan asked him his idea of quitting showbiz, to which he replied that there was a time where he had to think about what he would do if he follows his passion or religion? He decided to follow his religion then, Allah planned the best for him, and he again started to act in the dramas. He explained his statement with very famous lines. He is purposely doing this job for a cause. He says that electronic media reaches millions of people. He thinks this is the best way to give meaningful messages to peoples.

What do you guys think of his decision? Did he make the right decision? Let us know your views!