Articles Feroze Khan Writes A Beautiful Message In Support Of Alizeh Shah!

Feroze Khan Writes A Beautiful Message In Support Of Alizeh Shah!

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The story behind the incredible support of Feroze Khan to Alizeh Shah came in the limelight when a famous couple of celebrities Nida Yasir and Yasir Nawaz appeared in a show “Time out with Ahsan Khan”.

The popular movie director Yasir Nawaz who has made movies like Wrong number (Sequel) and Mehruniisa we love you, revealed his difficulty working with Alizeh Shah. Nida Yasir told that her husband builds great chemistry with all actors he works with but Alizeh was exceptional.

Yasir Nawaz said that an actor must put aside his/her personal life when he/she is doing any character. He was asked to increase the episodes of the drama Mera Dil Mera Dushman in which he was working with Alizeh, but he denied it. Although, the drama was going great with audience views.

This made Feroze Khan wrote a beautiful message in support of Alizeh and expressing his wish to work with her again. He wrote that it takes time for a young girl to adjust and stand up in the industry which is very new to her. Well-grown artists should stop naming and shaming new kids in the industry who might be going through any emotional pressure. This naming and shaming are not cool at all.