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Short Film Road Trip Coming Up In A Short Time!

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Who’s excited about another short film? Pakistan entertainment industry is so good at making short films that people are looking forward to them more than ever. It is a huge success as the pandemic has taken away the joy of cinemas and theatres. A huge loss has already been made to the box office. Many movies are in pipeline but waiting for cinemas to re-open.

After the release of the anthology of short films by Tall Man films in collaboration with Digestive Showtime, people have enjoyed the 4 of them out of 5. “Road trip” is the 5th one which is around the corner. The trailer of this short film is already out now. It comes under the direction of Sultan Ghani Afzal. The audience is excited to see the shining stars of the entertainment industry including Feroze Khan, Waliya Najib, and Ahmed Majeed Agloria. The trailer shows an unplanned journey that will take you on an unraveling experience eventually, leading you back home.

More than the short film, fans are waiting to see Waliya Najib with Feroze khan. They both hold a strong fanbase which is why the wait feels longer than ever.