Articles Hania Aamir Talks About Her Father On The Latest IGTV!

Hania Aamir Talks About Her Father On The Latest IGTV!

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Hania Aamir was aroused to fame from her famous dub smash videos which caught the eyes of the renowned director of ÒJanaanÓ. After her debut, she became the face of many popular brands. She has been a part of many controversies, but she doesnÕt bait an eye on what people say.

Hania is a very active social user. She loves to make videos about every moment. This time she made IGTV about her father in which she talked about her complicated bonding with her father. People often ask her why she only shows her mother and sister on social media but not her father.

On the IGTV, Hania said that she is sharing a very personal thing that she does not know whether she should know or not. She told that her father is alive and healthy, but she does not stay connected with him. They have their own issues. When fathersÕ day comes, she doesnÕt feel good because she does not talk to her father.

On mothers day, Hania made a video wishing all mothers a happy mothersÕ day, but she couldnÕt find a recent picture with her. Well, she sent good wishes and love to everyone who doesnÕt have mothers or does not meet their mothers because of some issues because she relates to them somehow in the case of her father.