Articles Ahmed Ali Butt And Fatima Khan’s Story Of Getting Married!

Ahmed Ali Butt And Fatima Khan’s Story Of Getting Married!

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Ahmed Ali Butt is a famous actor in the Pakistan media industry who is also a comedian and singer. Ahmed Ali has groomed himself so well in these years that he is sometimes unable to recognize. He married to love of his life in 2014. His wife Fatima Khan is a graceful lady who never leaves a platform to support her husband.

Recently, Ahmed Ali Butt and his wife Fatima Khan were invited to a special Ramzan show of Good Morning Pakistan Shan-e-Sahoor. The married couple was asked about many things and one of which was about their love story. Fatima told the host Nida Yasir that before getting into a relationship, Ahmed and she were just friends. When they were so involved, they told their parents, and both of the families were supposed to meet each other. Just when Ahmed Ali told Fatima on a call that he was still having feelings for ex-girl.

Fatima got so hurt that she instantly ended everything with Ahmed Ali Butt. She went to the UK and after 5-6 months, Ahmed’s mother came to meet her there. Fatima did not know that Ahmed is also coming along. She re-enacted Ahmed’s way of crying for forgiveness in the show. Fatima told that she took 8 years to settle down things with Ahmed. After fully forgiving Ahmed, Fatima married him in 2014.