Articles Usman Peerzada Appeared In Good Morning Pakistan!

Usman Peerzada Appeared In Good Morning Pakistan!

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Usman Peerzada is a legendary actor who maintained his work for years and now a co-founder of Rafi Peer Theatre. Usman was a chocolaty boy in his times who did a lot of projects including several films, dramas, and theatre plays.

Recently, the legendary Usman Peerzada appeared in Good Morning Pakistan’s Shan-e-Sahoor program. The actor was talked about his married life and how he met his wife Samina Peerzada. Usman married the renowned actress and host Samina Peerzada in 1975. It was a love marriage which Usman explained how it turned out.

Usman told that he met Samina through her niece who was working with him on a project. her niece was playing his daughter’s role. He and Samina met for few times and then Samina came to propose to him. Usman said that Samina asked directly to him if he wanted to marry her? She said to him that marry her or go away from her life and never come back.

Usman told that he said yes in shock because he wanted to marry her too. They got married secretly because Samina’s mother had some issues with Usman’s lifestyle but later she got convinced.

Usman and Samina Peerzada got married at a young age. They are parents to two daughters Anum and Aman Peerzada who mean the world to them.