Articles Javeria Abbasi Talks About Her Single Mother’s Life!

Javeria Abbasi Talks About Her Single Mother’s Life!

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Javeria Abbasi is a renowned actor who is serving the media industry for a long. She comes under a very senior actor who has always been playing supporting roles, yet she has an impressive profile on-screen. Javeria has made many people happy with her characters in the drama.

With Fuschia Magazine, Javeria Abbasi recently opened up about her single-parent life. She says that her life after divorce was liberating. In a society, where women are told that they cannot survive on their own, Javeria learned to become fully independent for her and her daughter who has turned into a young lady now.

Javeria said that she does not encourage the thoughts society has for women because surviving without a husband wasn’t difficult at all her. she says she earns good which is why she is having a comfortable lifestyle and also taking care of her daughter. She said that she is proud of her daughter the way she is groomed and working as an actress.

Further, she told that people might have very bad assumptions about her bringing up her daughter because she is an actress now. She said that she was the only person who took care of her alone and put her best efforts.

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