Articles “Meenu” From Chupke Chupke Is Misbah Nausheen In Real Life!

“Meenu” From Chupke Chupke Is Misbah Nausheen In Real Life!

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Saima Akram is a famous writer who is known for penning down everyone’s favorite dramas like Suno Chanda, Ishq Jalebi, and Chupke Chupke. The elegant Saima Akram came in an interview with Something Haute in which she did a detailed discussion about the character “Meenu” in Chupke Chupke which is played by Ayeza Khan.

While talking about the character, Saima told that “Meenu” is inspired by her best friend Misbah Nausheen who is also a great writer. Misbah has penned down several dramas including Ramz-e-Ishq, Ishq Tamasha, Meher posh, etc. Saima Akram told that Misbah is just like Meenu. She did not like studying at all and wanted to get married soon. She told that Meenu’s punch line “Ashkay Bhai Ashkay” was Misbah’s. Moreover, she said that the way Misbah dances and gets irritated with everything is just like her best friend Misbah.

Ayeza Khan is brilliantly performing her character “Meenu in Chupke Chupke. People have also aged shammed her for performing on this level of a girl. For those people, Saima said that Misbah is also a mother of two kids just like Ayeza, people need to keep these figures’ personal and professional lives separate. And for the maturity, it is not age-bound.

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