Articles Look At What Shahroz Sabzwari Is Doing On The Streets Of Karachi!

Look At What Shahroz Sabzwari Is Doing On The Streets Of Karachi!

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Shahroz Subzwari is a famous actor who has done dramas and films both. Another link to him being famous is his background and roots serving Pakistan Entertainment Industry for decades. He is the son of renowned actor of his time Behroze Sabzwari.

Currently, we are seeing Shahroz Sabzwari viral on internet because of his video running on the streets of Karachi after Iftar. Why is it so viral? The reason is the dress code which is clearly Shahroz is not following in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

In the video, Shahroz is seen with his two other friends running in a short-length knee breeches which looks very awkward to the viewers. They are being criticized for not wearing shirt above their shorts and running in the streets. Shahroz is being schooled by the netizens that veil and modesty is not just for women but men also. Being a public figure, he should be sensible enough to cover himself properly as people can be influenced by him in anyway.

Have you seen the video of Shahroz Sabzwari? What do you want to say about his this step?