Articles Umar Shareef Talks About His Marriages In The GMP Shaan-E-Sahoor!

Umar Shareef Talks About His Marriages In The GMP Shaan-E-Sahoor!

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Umar Shareef is one of the most renowned comedians from Pakistan who is also happened to be an actor, producer, director, composer, writer, poet, author, and whatnot. Umar is also famous across the borders for his stand-up comedian and stage performances. He also got famous for his drama Baqara Qiston Pay not only in Pakistan but in India.

Umar Shareef has hosted shows also but nowadays he is invited as a guest in the popular shows. Recently, he was invited by Nida Yasir on her show Good Morning Pakistan Shaan-e-Sahoor which is a Ramadan transmission. The show lit up with the presence of Umar Shareef who was asked about his life and family. In the show, Nida Yasir asked Umar Shareef about his married life with his 3 wives. Shareef told that his first marriage was his mother’s choice, but he also thinks of that marriage as a love marriage because his mother’s choice was good. His first wife Deeba was his neighbor although. His first marriage is going well but he married second and third time too.

Umar married Shakeela Qureshi who was his second wife. Shakeela was a theatre and film actress but their marriage did not work well and had to separate after three years. Umar then married for the third time to Zareen who also happened to be a theatre artist. She worked with Umar for few days but then left acting for her own good.

Shareef says that his both marriages are working well. He thinks of his first wife to be the best but equally loves both of his wives and children. He is living a good and peaceful life with them.

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