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Gohar Rashid Poured His Heart Out On The Internet About The current Situation Of Social Media!

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Gohar Rasheed is the finest actor in the industry who is not just into acting alone but actively known as a great influencer for his sayings. He knows where to speak and when to speak.

A lot has been happening on social media between celebrities and netizens these days. We see people are doing cheap publicity stunts for getting attention. This did not resist Gohar to speak out. Recently, Gohar tweeted about something that opened many eyes. His tweet was mainly about those who use their influence for bad publicity.

Gohar wrote that if Allah has blessed someone with the popularity that means that person needs to act responsibly. The position that Allah has given to the person must be for spreading positivity rather than bad publicity. It is better to stay relevant than lame.

Gohar Rasheed has spoken many hearts out due to what’s happening for few days by celebrities of Pakistan. We have seen Saba Qamar, all of the sudden announced that she is not getting married now after publicizing her beau. Then, we saw Hania Amir fooling hundreds and thousands of people about her fake engagement with Shamoon Ismail. These are the same celebrities who then cry that why people mistreat them and not like humans.

Most of the people are already assuming that this tweet by Gohar is for Hania Amir and Saba Qamar but Gohar knows the best.

What do you think? Was the tweet for Hania and Saba? If not, from whom it was? Let us know your opinion!