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How Danyal Zafar Reacts When He Is Asked To Sing His Brother’s Song!

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Danyal Zafar is a talented brother of Ali Zafar, the Rockstar. Both brothers have mastered their skills in singing and music. They have proved to be a talented duo. Obviously, Danyal was supported by his big brother Ali Zafar to come into the music industry, but he was none-the-less. With the passage of time and with great skills, he is doing an amazing job in the Pakistan entertainment industry. He is also making his acting debut with two films Barwaan Khiladi and Tana Bana.

Recently, Danyal Zafar was welcomed in the web-show Voice Over Man. He was asked many interesting questions by Wajahat Rauf. One of the questions was how Danyal feels when he is asked to sing Ali Zafar’s songs? Danyal answered it with utter smartness. He said that he likes it and not likes it equally. He said that the reason he likes it because it is a proud moment for him. The reason he doesn’t like it because if someone wants to hear something from him, it should be his creation, not others. But he sings his brother’s songs out of love and respect for him.

We really like how Danyal Zafar gave a good answer to Wajahat Rauf’s question. Danyal’s talent and intelligence have no comparison!