5 Short Films Are On The Way To Entertain Us All!

2020 was very heavy for the film industry as the pandemic hit the cinemas and theatres very hard. The calamitous year is over now so something good is waiting for the Pakistani audience. Now, this huge loss in the year 2020 will be compensated with the entertainment-filled anthology “Rabt”. The trailer of Rabt is out now which is the production of Tall Man films.

The trailer has our favorite actors who are legends in the media field. We have Wahaj Ali, Feroze Khan, Mohib Mirza, Sohai Ali Abro, Sanam Saeed, Marina Khan, Zahid Ahmed, Mani, Mahmood Aslam, and Faizan Sheikh in the trailer of Rabt. It is an anthology that will be of 150 minutes filled with pure entertainment. Tall Man Films have a partnership with Digestive Showtime to show 5 different short films, directed by 5 different directors. The name of the films and directors are still not confirmed.

This intriguing anthology will be premiered on 1st march of 2021. People are excited to even see the trailer of Rabt. It is a mixture of everything plus intimacy, connection, and love. The fanbase of these actors is so excited to watch these films.

We are excited too and waiting impatiently for 1st march.

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