Articles Christian Betzmann Is Engaged To Zoya Nasir!

Christian Betzmann Is Engaged To Zoya Nasir!

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Christian Betzmann is a famous vlogger and Youtuber who has been traveling to many countries including Pakistan. Recently, he made a video and shocked everyone revealing that he has converted to Islam. People of Pakistan were so surprised and happy over his decision and support came all the way to him.

Another big news that has come out from Christian Betzmann is his engagement with Zoya Nasir. Zoya Nasir is also a lady who has gotten famous overnight for saying “Yes” to Betzmann. Both are long-term friends and have traveled a lot together. When both shared the news of this precious moment of engagement on their Instagram, everyone had a jaw-drop moment. This news of joy not only hit netizens hard but also celebrities
who showed their reactions to this news. Zoya personally called every friend of her on the video call and recorded their reactions.

Zoya called celebrities including Hajra Yamin, Anusha Shah, Shahveer Jafri, Zara Noor Abbas, Zaid Ali T, etc. Their reactions are very priceless and hilarious at the same time seeing their friend engaged to Christian Betzmann.

We wish both of them a happy life ahead. They really make a good couple together, so adorable!

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