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Imran Ashraf Talks About The Real Storyline Behind The Drama “Raqs e Bismil”

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Imran Ashraf is nowadays coming in the drama Raqs e Bismil alongside Sarah Khan. Both actors are playing the lead roles. Imran is playing the character of a very pious man who belongs to the race of “Pir”. On the other side, Sarah plays the role of Zohra who disguises herself as a very covered woman but a courtesan. As the story is approaching ahead, Imran Ashraf, in an interview with BBC Urdu, talked about some of the storyline of the drama Raqs e Bismil.

Imran said that many of the audience does know a very important thing about Raqs e Bismil. He said that people who are talking about the drama still could not get the main theme of the drama. It is a story of two different worlds, one is of the Moosa’s and the other is of the Zohra’s. Moosa is born in a very pious family of Pirs while Zohra belongs to a family that has a bad reputation in society. These two different worlds meet at a point. “Now five episodes have been released and people are still questioning the concept of the drama. It is about a man who is bad in the eye of society because he does not respect women but now, he has the chance. Does he not have the right to change himself? Imran questioned. He said it is the story of that right.

Well, the drama looks very interesting till now. Let’s see what it has more for us.