Articles Ahad Raza Mir Talks About His Career Story And Nepotism!

Ahad Raza Mir Talks About His Career Story And Nepotism!

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Ahad Raza Mir is one of the talented star kids who are known for their own struggles and name in the Pakistani showbiz industry, not by their family name. He is a great actor at Theatres as well as on television. He came in an interview with the host Anas Bukhash on the show “AB Talk” and talked about many things.

Ahad Raza shared a lot of things which include his childhood, marriage, nepotism, and much more. While talking about his marriage, he said that he found the right person so it wasn’t much difficult to marry at a young age. He shared that he and Sajal carry two different personalities, but they vibe along very well. They are just like magnets sometimes and sometimes, they are opposite. He didn’t think much and already felt something for Sajal so he said, “Yes, That is it. I can feel it.”

Ahad has a great bond with his family. He told that his best friend is his mother and his father is also his good friend. The respect factor comes in between their bond, but there’s nothing formality in between him and his father. Talking about nepotism, he shared that his father always wanted him to live his life and never influenced him to showbiz. Ahad told that people still believe that his success in the industry is just because of his father but the thing is that he went to university, studied, and worked in Canada for many years on a professional level. The thing is that his return to Pakistan was fortunate enough, and he got work which he struggled for.

He discussed that how his career boosted, and people started talking about nepotism. He shared that there are doctors who make their kids doctors, there is Army personnel whose kid is also in Army, and the same goes for politics. Nobody says a thing but as soon as there is an actor with a showbiz family background, everyone starts calling it nepotism.

Ahad Raza Mir is somewhat right with his points about people criticizing him over his name and fame. Have you seen his interview with Anas Bukhash? What do you think of Ahad’s views about nepotism?