Jurm Drama: Cast, Story and Timing

The riveting drama series Jurm chronicles the adventures of Ayla and Daniyal, a young married couple whose lives are drastically altered by a terrifying abduction occurrence. This starts a series of incidents that make their family and people close to them vulnerable.

Jurm puts viewers on an exhilarating rollercoaster trip of stunning disclosures and unexpected turns with each episode. Families are split apart as a result of the secrets, deceit, and dualities are exposed. Each family member’s questionable history is highlighted, which complicates the inquiry into the occurrence.

Relationships are put to the test, alliances are made and shattered, and everyone is made out to be a suspect as the tension rises. Watch episodes here.

ChannelGeo Tv
StarringWahaj Ali,
Dur-e-Fishan, Atiqa Odho, Zhalay Sarhadi
Written ByShah Yasir
Produced by7th sky entertainment
Directed ByMehreen Jabbar
timingFriday, Saturday 8pm
Country Of originPakistan
Release Date28 April 2023


Jurm Drama Story

The enthralling narrative of the Geo TV drama series, Jurm centres on an intense probe into a heinous crime. It delves into the lives of an endearing young couple, Daniyal and Ayla, whose seemingly perfect world is transformed into a tragedy-laden tale following a harrowing occurrence. The unfortunate Ayla is abducted and, subsequently, brutally killed. Astonishingly, Daniyal finds himself being accused of and held responsible for his beloved Ayla’s grisly demise.

However, the storyline takes on an intriguing and captivating turn as the investigation unfolds, ultimately leading to the apprehension of the genuine perpetrator behind the abominable act. Drama Jurm emerges as a gripping and spine-chilling portrayal of a murder mystery, replete with numerous engaging twists and unexpected turns that keep the viewers glued to their seats, waiting for the resolution of this enigmatic puzzle.

Jurm Drama Timing

Jurm drama telecast on every Friday and Saturday 8pm.

Jurm Drama Cast

Real NameDrama Role
Wahaj AliDaniyal Mujeed
Dur-e-Fishan SaleemAyla Nadeem
Tooba SiddiquiSamina Khan
Zhalay SarhadiZakia
Atiqa OdhoShahana
Tazeen HussainNaseema
Muhammad EhtashamuddinMajeed Zamaan


Wahaj Ali

Wahaj Ali is an incredibly gifted and multifaceted Pakistani actor who has left an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape through his extraordinary acting prowess. Initiating his foray into the realm of acting, Wahaj has succeeded in establishing a formidable presence on the small screen, amassing a devoted fan base both within the nation and beyond its borders.

Embarking on his acting career, Wahaj Ali commenced with featuring in supporting roles across a range of television dramas, which provided him with the opportunity to exhibit his skills and progressively ascend to more prominent positions. His big break materialized with the drama series “Dil Nawaz”, in which he essayed a crucial role that captured the attention and admiration of viewers and critics alike. It is worth noting that his character in this drama will be wrongfully accused.

As Wahaj’s career advanced, he starred in a multitude of successful dramas, such as “Haiwan”, “Ehd-e-Wafa”, “Bharam”, and “Gul-o-Gulzar”. His captivating performances in these productions garnered widespread acclaim, and he was lauded for his adeptness at depicting an array of diverse and intricate characters with utmost ease and conviction.

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem

Dur-e-Fishan Saleem, a burgeoning Pakistani actress, has rapidly established a prominent presence within the entertainment sphere, capturing attention with her striking appearance and extraordinary acting prowess. In spite of her relatively recent arrival in the industry, she has swiftly garnered immense popularity and amassed a substantial fan base.

In the drama series “Dil Ruba” in 2020, Dur-e-Fishan made an amazing acting debut alongside well-known actors Hania Amir and Shehroz Sabzwari. Her portrayal of the character Sanam garnered widespread approval and commendation from both spectators and critics alike, earning her significant recognition and acclaim.

Subsequent to the triumph of her initial endeavour in acting, Dur-e-Fishan was chosen to assume the role of the lead actress in the drama “Jurm,” in which she co-starred alongside the dashing and accomplished Wahaj Ali. The undeniable on-screen chemistry shared between the pair of actors drew extensive appreciation, and their emotionally resonant performances was met with enthusiastic applause for the depth and sincerity they conveyed.

Tooba Siddiqui

Tooba Siddiqui, a highly celebrated Pakistani model and actress, has made a substantial and lasting impression in the entertainment sector through her stunning appearance and outstanding acting abilities. Over time, she has solidified her position as a prominent figure in both the fashion and television realms, garnering critical praise and a devoted fan base.

Embarking on her professional journey as a model, Tooba swiftly gained acknowledgement for her distinct features and refined fashion sense. Collaborating with a plethora of esteemed designers and well-known brands, she has strutted down the runway at a multitude of fashion weeks as well as adorned the covers of illustrious fashion publications. Her triumphant modelling profession ultimately smoothed the path for her transition into the television landscape.

Within the domain of TV dramas, Tooba Siddiqui has exhibited her exceptional acting talent through a diverse range of roles, earning admiration for her capacity to infuse depth and genuine essence into her characters. Among her most distinguished dramas are “Vanee”, “Noorpur Ki Rani”, “Bol Meri Machli”, and “Koi Nahi Apna”, which serve as prime examples of her remarkable acting expertise.