Behroop Drama: Cast, Story and Timing

Behroop is a riveting Pakistani drama television series masterfully produced by the dynamic duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. This enthralling drama boasts a remarkable cast, including the likes of Zubab Rana, Asad Siddiqui, Kamran Jeelani, Beenish Chauhan, Saife Hasan, Faraz Farooqui, Fareeha Jabeen, and Seemi Pashah in prominent roles, along with an array of talented actors in various supporting roles.

Helmed by the accomplished director Ali Akbar and skillfully penned by Rukhsana Nigar, Behroop is a production under the esteemed banner of 7th Sky Entertainment. Eager viewers can catch the premiere of the highly anticipated first episode of this engrossing drama on the 26th of April, 2023. The show will continue to air daily at 9:00 PM, providing a daily dose of enthralling entertainment. Fans can tune in to the official Har Pal Geo TV channel to enjoy the broadcast of this captivating drama series.

With its intriguing storyline, multifaceted characters, and top-notch production values, Behroop promises to capture the hearts and minds of its audience. As the drama unfolds, viewers will be enthralled by the complex relationships, emotional struggles, and personal triumphs experienced by the characters. The compelling narrative and exceptional performances by the talented cast ensure that Behroop will be a noteworthy and cherished addition to the world of Pakistani television entertainment. Watch Behroop drama here.

ChannelHar Pal Geo TV
StarringAsad Siddiqui, Zubab Rana, Sumaiyya Bukhsh
Written ByRukhsana Nigar
Produced byAbdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Directed ByAli Akbar
TimingDaily 9pm
Country Of originPakistan
Release Date26th April 2023

Behroop Drama Story

The captivating story of Behroop revolves around the lives of Kinza and Falak, two women who come from the same extended family yet lead vastly different lives. Kinza is a woman with a dual personality, living a luxurious life as the wife of Sohail, while Falak is a hardworking and resilient young woman who has faced numerous challenges after losing her parents at a young age.
Their worlds collide when Kinza takes it upon herself to meddle in Falak’s life, arranging her marriage to her own brother-in-law, Taimoor. This unexpected turn of events leads to a tumultuous journey for both women, as they navigate the complexities of family dynamics, relationships, and personal growth.
As Falak tries to adapt to her new life with Taimoor, she must contend with Kinza’s selfishness and manipulative tendencies, which threaten to undermine their budding relationship. The drama explores whether Falak and Taimoor can overcome the obstacles in their path to build a loving and trusting bond, or if their married life will continue to be plagued by strife and turmoil.

Behroop Drama Timing

Behroop drama will be aired on 9pm daily.

Behroop Drama Cast

Real NameDrama Role
Zubab RanaFalak
Asad SiddiquiTaimoor
Faraz FarooqiAsim
Sumaiyya BukhshZara
Arsala SiddiquiIfra
Kamran JilaniSohail
Beenish ChohanKinza

Zubab Rana

Zubab Rana delivers a truly remarkable performance as Falak in the enthralling drama series, Behroop. Her portrayal of the hardworking, resilient, and inspiring young woman is both heartwarming and captivating, quickly making Falak a fan favorite among the show’s viewers.

Rana’s ability to convey the depth of Falak’s emotions and her determination to overcome the numerous challenges she faces is a testament to her exceptional acting skills. As the audience follows Falak’s journey, they can’t help but empathize with her struggles and root for her success in overcoming the obstacles in her path, especially those created by Kinza’s interference in her life.

Zubab Rana’s outstanding performance adds a layer of authenticity to the character of Falak, further enhancing the overall appeal of the show. Her portrayal of Falak’s strength, vulnerability, and courage is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans and make Behroop a memorable and cherished addition to the world of Pakistani television dramas.

Asad Saddiqui

Asad Saddiqui masterfully takes on the role of Taimoor in the gripping drama series, Behroop. His portrayal of the complex character is both convincing and captivating, demonstrating his exceptional acting prowess and making him the ideal choice for this pivotal role.

Saddiqui skillfully brings to life Taimoor’s myriad emotions and struggles as he navigates his unexpected marriage to Falak, while dealing with the manipulative tactics of his sister-in-law, Kinza. His nuanced performance allows viewers to truly understand and empathize with Taimoor’s predicament as he strives to build a loving and trusting relationship with Falak amidst the challenges they face.

The chemistry between Asad Saddiqui and Zubab Rana on-screen further enhances the believability of their characters’ relationship, drawing the audience deeper into the world of Behroop. With his compelling portrayal of Taimoor, Asad Saddiqui ensures that viewers remain invested in the unfolding drama and the ultimate outcome of Taimoor and Falak’s journey.

Sumaiyya Bukhsh

Sumaiyya Bukhsh shines in her portrayal of Zara in the enthralling drama series, Behroop. Her performance is nothing short of fantastic, and she has skillfully brought to life the multifaceted character of Zara, making her portrayal one of the highlights of the show.

Bukhsh’s ability to convey the emotions and complexities of Zara’s character captivates the audience, drawing them further into the world of Behroop. Her exceptional acting skills have enabled her to create an authentic and relatable character that resonates with viewers, contributing to the overall appeal of the series.