Transgender Actor Kami Sids ‘Rani’ to be screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival in California


Kami Sid is known for all the things that describe empowerment and that are worth being proud over. From being the first transgender model to hitting a role in the movie, she has set the standards and she doesn’t aim to come down anytime soon. Now, it has been revealed to the joy of many that her film ‘Rani’ will be screened at the Newport Beach Film Festival at California.
Rani shares the struggle and journey of a transgender who embarks on a journey of raising up a kid. With the production by Grayscale and Rizvilia Productions, and the direction plus script by Hammad Rizvi, the movie intends to break all the taboos associated with transgender. The movie sheds light on how this specific community also has a wish to become parents, which we only look through mock disdain.
Moreover, Kami plays a strong lead in this movie who does not give in to the stereotypical livelihood that we have restricted for the community, instead she earns her living by selling toys. We are completely sure that once this movie hits the Newport Beach Film Festival it is going to break all records around the world.
Have a look at its promo: