Mushk Cast And Their Real Names:

It’s raining drama this week, and the newest to air is the TV series Mushk. The play, which features Urwa Hocane, Imran Ashraf, Momal Sheikh, and Osama Tahir in significant roles, is anything but a typical narrative.

The drama begins in a rural environment as Mehek (Momal Sheikh) returns home after two years. Her grandfather blindly trusts her and does not deny any of her demands. She brings along another young woman, Guddi (Urwa Hocane), and a newborn infant. To deceive the child as Guddi’s own, Mehek begs the previous to keep her secret. Guddi, on the other hand, is extremely outrageous and maybe doing this for money.

Mushk Cast And Their Real Names:

Urwa Hocane:

Urwa Hocane is Guddi, one of the drama’s most iconic figures. Urwa is a film and drama actress. Urwa has appeared in several films, including Marasim, Mere Ajnabi, and Udaari.

Urwa returns to the small screen in Mushk and is a pleasure to watch as Guddi. Imran Ashraf plays Adam, who we know little about yet, looking forward to seeing Mehek after a lengthy separation. He’s charming and quiet but his face reveals how he feels. We may safely presume that he is in love with Mehek, based on his expression. However, while she was away, she married someone else, Shayan (Osama Tahir), who is also the father of her kid.

Imran Ashraf:

Imran Ashraf’s character in the drama series Mushk is named Adam. Imran Ashraf made his debut on the silver screen in 2011 with Alif Allah Or Insaan, which quickly established him as a star. After Alif Allah of Insaan Ranjha Ranjha Kardi gave him even more exposure. People praised Imran Ashraf after he played Bhoola in Ranjha Ranjha Kardi because it helped him establish himself in the business.

Osama Tahir:

Osama Tahir is portraying the part of Shayan in this drama. Osama Tahir made his film debut with Chalay Thay Sath. Osama Tahir made his debut as a dramatic actor in Dar Si Jati Hai Sila and received positive critical and commercial acclaim. He also appeared in Belapur Ki Dayan.

Shayan is now incarcerated and attempts to flee, but he fails. He’s restless and in love with Mehek, but we aren’t sure if she knows about his circumstances. Zara Tareen, Mehek’s nosy aunt-in-law, was another important character who made an impression in the first episode. She is wary of her ill husband, played by Hasan Ahmed, while she worries about Mehek’s dominance in the family. Sehar Khan appears to be a promising young lady in love; she stars opposite Raza Talish in this film.

In Karachi, Osama Tahir obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Institute of Business Management. Before entering the media business, Osama Tahir had worked in marketing at a number of firms.

Raza Talish:

Raza Talish, the actor playing Saqib in the drama series Mushk, is Aehsun’s son. Raza Talish made his cinematic debut with Tabeer, a Pakistani soap opera. In season 2 of Suno Chanda, Raza Talish portrayed Mithu in the drama series.

Raza Talish completed his education at the National College Of Arts, Lahore.

Sehar Khan:

Sehar Khan is a new actress with a bright future, having portrayed Roshni in the TV drama Mushk and earning rave reviews for her performance. Sehar Khan has been acting since 2018 when she appeared in the telefilm Chandi and the television series Wafa Kar Chalay.

Zara Tareen:

Zara Tareen plays the part of Taye Zulaikha in the drama series Mushk. In the play, Zara Tareen’s character is getting a lot of attention. Since 2010, Zara Tareen has worked as an actress, with her debut role being Naqarah-e-Khuda. Zara Tareena was featured in a web series called Saat Mulaqatain opposite Nauman Ijaz.

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