Drama Serial Angna Cast And Their Real Names

Azfar Baig’s happy-go-lucky family is the subject of Angna, in which he has raised four gorgeous daughters who will marry into four distinct families that are somewhat dysfunctional.

Angna is a Pakistani TV series that runs on ARY Digital. This project was created by IDream Entertainment and directed and written by Saqib Zafar Khan and Tehseen Khan. Sameena Aijaz is the play’s writer.

The cast of the Angna drama includes “ Azfar Rehman, Ali Abbas, Rabab Hashim, and Areeba Habib” in prominent roles.

Angna is a family-oriented drama series. Areeba Habib stars opposite Afzar Rehman and Rabab Hashim plays the lead role in this Drama Story. It’s about day-to-day life issues, particularly those faced by women after their wedding, as told through a familial perspective.

The Talented Cast of Angna:

Rabab Hashim:

Rabab Hashim is an actor by birth. She made her television debut as a 10-year-old Geo TV reporter after earning her BBA (Hons.) in Marketing from the Institute of Business Management (IoBM) in Karachi and obtaining formal training in theatre arts from the National Academy of Performing Arts (NAPA).

Rabab has worked with Ahsan Khan and Saba Qamar on several projects, including the serial ‘Na Kaho Tum Mere Nahi’. Rabab is recognized for her terrific acting abilities in films such as “Tumhare Hain” and “Mohabbat Khuwab Safar.”

She has also featured in several films, including ‘Zid’ (2002), ‘Piya Mann Bhaye’ (2003), ‘Anaya Tumhari Hui’ (2007), ‘Ishqaaway,’ and others. She has performed in many movies and done a number of TV commercials as a model. She has hosted or anchored many tv shows as well.

Areeba Habib:

Areeba Habib is a well-known modest Pakistani model and actress. She has starred in numerous high-rated dramas as a lead actor. Her all-time favorite drama series was “Jalan,” She played the villainous role with Minal Khan and Emaad Irfani. She became famous after playing a negative part in a soap opera with Ayeza Khan and Imran Abbas, who dubbed her a multitalented actress.

She is a beautiful, confident, and adaptable woman who has established herself as a top model in Pakistan’s fashion industry due to her excellent abilities and perfection. She can walk on the ramp with ease because of her great talents and perfection.

Kanwal Khan:

Kanwal is a Pakistani actress who has gained status recently for her portrayal of Wafa Be Mol in the series. She’s a rising talent that’s putting in the effort to establish herself as a prominent figure. It took her many years to be recognized because she comes from a family without any show business ties. Fortunately, she has worked with several renowned artists in her career.

She has also worked on a number of TVCs. Her excellent face and lovely eyes are enough to capture people’s attention. She is undoubtedly going to become the next big thing as she grows.

Laiba Khan:

Laiba is a talented young Pakistani television star who, despite being an outsider, managed to capture everyone’s attention. She has been acting in the blockbuster drama series ‘Do Bol’ after doing Modeling for several companies, and she has astonished people with her talent.

She became widely recognized after appearing in her first television series, and she subsequently joined another social media platform known as Tik Tok. Her younger sister Eman is also on TikTok, where she has amassed a large following.

Ali Abbas:

Ali is a Pakistani actor who comes from an artistic family and hails from Karachi. He is a versatile actor who has been seen on screen in various roles and has earned a lot of adoration from his audience for his outstanding performance.

With his fantastic acting, he is giving tough competition to all the actors. Since childhood, he had always wanted to be an actor, and it didn’t go away after he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in law.

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