Amanat Drama Cast And Their Real Names

Amanat Drama is a TV drama that aired on Ary Digital. It was directed by Shahid Shafaat and produced by Samina Humayun Saeed and Sana Shahnawaz. The name Amanat Drama is quite descriptive. On-screen, this will show a strong passionate love story. The principal cast includes Saboor Aly and Imran Abbas as the main pair.

Amanat is a love story. The dramatic narrative of Amanat is brimming with romance, feelings, and excitement. Imran Abbas’s amazing acting abilities make this series even more exciting. In the drama serial Amanat, Imran Ashraf plays a different character than in the previous one.

Urwa Hocane is a talented actress and model who appeared in the drama “Mushk” with Imran Ashraf and won over fans with her powerful portrayal of Guddi. You will see Urwa Hocane with a new character in Amanat.

Cast Of Drama Serial Amanat:

Urwa Hocane:

Urwa Hocane is a beautiful and accomplished Pakistani actress and model who began her career as a VJ before moving into the production sector. Who knew that this young woman, who made her debut at the age of just 16, would go so far without any prior artistic training? She’s always got a troll from the audience, but she takes criticism in an encouraging way. She is an independent woman who is strong, compatible, and talented.

Imran Abbas

Imran is one of the most attractive men in show business. What if he has a brain as well? Yes, he’s a gorgeous guy with a brain who has ruled the television screens since his debut on screen in 2003. After years of hard work and thoroughness, he is now being recognized and appreciated worldwide, having a large fan following. Urdu Poetry holds a special place in his heart.

Saboor Aly

Saboor Aly is a stunning young Pakistani actress and model who has swiftly risen to fame as a result of her hard work and talent. She’s one of those actors who’s been given the opportunity to demonstrate their acting talents in every role, whether good or bad. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to term her a rising star in the industry, like her sister Sajal Ali.

Haroon Shahid

Haroon Shahid is a Pakistani singer, composer, songwriter, and actor who began his career in 2008. He was the guitarist and lead vocalist of a pop-rock Lahore band known as SYMT. In 2017, he began his acting career and appeared in several TV shows thereafter before joining another pop-rock group called The Fifth Sensation. His wife Palwasha and him are parents of two kids.

Srha Asghar

Srha is a young and lovely Pakistani actress who has gained a lot of fame and acclaim in a short period. She had the ambition to be a director since she was a kid, but she ends up becoming an actress who is best known for her supporting parts in various blockbuster shows. During her studies, she began her professional career; later, in 2018, she finished it. Srha recently married someone who is not involved in the arts.

Salman Saeed

Salman Saeed is a Pakistani actor who was born in 1989. Humayun Saeed is Salman’s oldest brother, and he is also the youngest sibling of famous actor Humayun Saeed. He’s a fantastic actor whose presence on-screen was quite wonderful. Although Salman has not played the lead role in any drama, his efforts were outstanding in supporting roles. On September 25th, 2020, Salman married his long-term girlfriend in Lahore.

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